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The 10 weakest anime villains are still cool

Not every villain in anime does the same thing. Some of them are quick little bosses who pose so minor threats to heroes that the fan base quickly forgets them, while others take center stage as the main villain to beat. Sadly, fans sometimes forget about the bad guys who fall in the middle of the bad guys spectrum.

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These villains from the anime have fading power compared to both the main villains and heroes alike, but they still leave enough plot impact to send chills down the heroes’ spines when they’re remembered. This bad batch might have been easily defeated, but that doesn’t take much of the effect of their gruesome schemes.

10/10 Ishiguro was the captain of Claw’s 7th Division for a reason

Mob Psycho 100

in Mob Psycho 100In this case, protagonist Shigeo Kageyama learns about the dangerous organization Claw and infiltrates the secret lair of the Seventh Division to rescue his brother from their clutches. Viewers are given a glimpse of the leader, Ishiguro, who wears an ominous combination of a black cloak and a black gas mask. At this point, the high-pitched villain was sure to be an enemy to be remembered.

Unfortunately, under the mask was a renegade old man. Ishiguro certainly still had formidable and fearsome telekinesis and would have succeeded in world domination had it not been for his lack of dexterity and balanced temperament.

9/10 The Jinyu force has a good reputation across the galaxy

Dragon ball Z

before they are fully presented in Dragon ball ZHowever, the close presence of the Jinyu force alone is causing a huge commotion on planet Earth. This prompted Vegeta, who was initially a villain, to join the heroes. From what he already knew about the reputation of the Jinyu Force, they would have a tough battle to overcome.

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As a notorious mercenary, fans expected more of Jinyu’s power upon their arrival. Regardless of their clearly awkward and rehearsed introduction, they’ve become known as a joker within the fanbase, though that doesn’t take away their influence on the heroes. They managed to defeat Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin, but they were no match for Goku.

8/10 Possess Hidan’s jutsu to make him one of the scariest Akatsuki

Naruto Shippuden

in Naruto ShippudenThe heroes face the Akatsuki duo after another. Hidan is widely considered the weakest among the group, and the reason for his demise was he and his partner. While his partner, Kakuzu, remained calm and gathered in battle, Hidan was lost in his clashes with other ninjas, which was his ultimate weak point.

Sure, the zombie duo can’t be killed easily, and Hidan in particular has the upper hand as an immortal man, but relying on his inability to kill is why he gives his opponent plenty of slots to hold him back somewhat. With his techniques that could kill instantly, Hidan had what to make of one of the most powerful villains, but failed due to his oversized ego.

7/10 Kabuto has always been stuck in Orochimaru’s shadow


As Orochimaru’s right-hand man, Kabuto has always been at the center of the action. However, his skill was more than that in manipulation, and of course anything related to medical ninjutsu. As a fighter, Kabuto is very weak, and needs to rely on deceptive tactics in order to fight stronger opponents, as he did with Tsunade in Season 5 of Naruto.

Despite Kabuto’s lack of power in battle, he is still considered one of the most influential villains, especially towards the end of World War II. Naruto. He single-handedly turned the tide of the war in favor of Madara Uchiha while maintaining the upper hand against him thanks to a little influence. Had it not been for the joint efforts of Sasuke and Itachi, Kabuto could have grown even more into the most powerful villain in the series.

6/10 Sanageyama maintained his dignity even after many failures

kill style kill

in kill style killRyuko aims to make her way to the top of Honnoji Academy to find and take revenge on her father’s killer. Its biggest competitor is the Student Council Elite IV, although one of them was recent. Ozo Sanagiyama, the head of the Athletics Committee, advances early in the anime to face Ryoko after she destroys one sports team after another.

Despite Uzu’s boasts, cool demeanor, and skill, he was still defeated by apprentice Ryuko. In an attempt to redeem himself, he encounters her two more times as an enemy, the second time he has allowed Ryoko to escape and their third and final fight is interrupted before he has a chance to prove himself.

5/10 Jogo’s abilities can blow most opponents

Jujutsu Kisen

in early time Jujutsu Kisen, the villains meet and discuss the right strategy to bring about the era of cursed spirits, and their biggest obstacle is Gojo-sensei, the most powerful jujutsu sorcerer. The cursed spirit Jogo announces that he can easily defeat him and attacks him himself in the dead of night. Although Jogo’s abilities are impressive, Gojo is far beyond the reach of any opponent.

Despite Jogo’s crushing loss to Gojo and thus becoming the joke of the group of villains, Jogo still has the potential to become an even greater threat to the heroes. Moving forward, if he became strong and wise enough, like his comrade Hanami, he might even grow stronger in battle.

4/10 Little Devil hidden in his threatening presence

soul eater

Despite his small stature, the little demon of soul eater It caused a lot of chaos for the main anime duo, Maka and Soul. The Little Demon ended up in the soul body after Corona attacked the soul and was infected with black blood.

With no physical strength to scream, this side villain’s powers lie in his manipulative abilities, which prompt the soul to use the power of black blood despite the harm it may cause him and Maca. In the end, the soul was able to control itself against the Corruption of the Black Blood, thwarting the Little Demon’s plot. However, with his gentle and complicit personality, this villain is iconic in soul eater.

3/10 Turns out the cute criminal is more than just a joke on the internet

My hero academy

After Shie Hassaikai’s intense arc, a new villain appears in My hero academy. Despite the focus on their character and their sinister plot, Gentle Criminal is known as a minor villain with a major influence on main character Deku.

Gentle Criminal posts videos of his petty crimes on social media as a way of trying to make his own impact on society. But, after being in the dark for a long time, he decided to close the UA Cultural Festival. Crossing the road with Deku, Gentle Criminal reveals his impressive dribbling, and gives the hero in training a run for his money. In the end, Gentle Criminal isn’t strong enough to beat Deku and complete his goal, but his serious personality stands out among the other villains, making him a fan favorite lately.

2/10 Most Nomu stray tanks

My hero academy

Terrifying creations called Nomu are constantly shaking the battlefield My hero academy, although only a couple of really intimidating rivals. For the most part, these atrocities are stray drones that can be defeated after a little practice on the part of the heroes.

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The creatures are the result of villains modifying the bodies of deceased humans, designed to use multiple quirks. Only two of these experiences gave the heroes a real challenge in battle. However, with a number of these super soldiers in the possession of the villains, their names and presence still sent shivers down the spines of the heroes.

1/10 Reese should have been stronger than steel

Tokyo Ghoul

As the villain who started the protagonist’s horrific journey Tokyo GhoulSoon, Rize Kamishiro stole the spotlight from the villains who came after her. As the anime progressed, her reputation as one of the most powerful and fearsome ogres became apparent.

Unfortunately, Tokyo Ghoul It would disappoint fans with the fate of this infamous character. When she finally made it to the battlefield, Rize was defeated in the most disappointing way, at least for the fans. It was a quick defeat that failed to live up to the accumulated potential of the villain.

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