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The amazing call of the night breathes life into Nazuna Nanakusa

A talented costume player appears from Nazuna Nanakusa night call It will look like in real life.

cosplayer 小柔 SeeU (@seeu_cosplay) posted a short video about their transformation into vampire Nazuna, saying, “Your blood is so delicious” in Chinese and Japanese, on their Twitter. Not only did SeeU personify Nazuna through the deuteragonist’s purple-gray hair, makeup, and black dress, but the cosplayer also added a twist to her work by mimicking the various poses that Nazuna performed in the anime. From Nazuna’s shy and gentle expressions to her gentle expression, the cosplayer perfectly exudes a relaxed and serene vampire air.

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SeeU has amassed over a million followers on their social media accounts. Many people commented on their costumes, praising their attractive appearance as vampires. Other than Nazuna, the cosplayer has transformed into characters from other anime series, such as Rebecca from the popular Netflix series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, Singer from Utah piece Even Anya from Spy family x.

Call of the Night is a romantic comedy manga written and developed by Kotoyama. The story follows the 14-year-old protagonist Ko Yamori who drops out of school and wanders the streets at night. Uninterested in school, Ko finds little satisfaction with anything in his life. The only thing he enjoys is his night walks. On one of his tours, he meets Nazuna who takes him to her apartment. Once he’s there, she sucks his blood. Ko does not turn into a vampire – that only happens if he falls in love with Nazuna and as long as it does not happen, he will remain human.

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night call It is Kotoyama’s second series and has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump. As of September, the series has 13 volumes grouped into individual tankōbon volumes. In July 2020, Viz Media was licensed night call An English version and nine volumes are currently released. The manga received a sixth Next Manga Award nomination and finished in the respected seventh place.

Call of the Night’s Dub is currently broadcasting

Anime quote from night call Aired from July to September 2022. Produced by Liden Films (Cells in action! code black And the Tokyo Avengers), the anime had chief director Tetsuya Miyanishi and director Tomoyuki Itamura at the helm. Ko’s voice actor is Gen Sato who is known for his portrayal as Chrome in Dr. Stone and Rintarō Futsu’s Tomozaki character from the lower class. It stars Sora Amamieh as Chizuru Mizuhara as the night activist Nazuna. girlfriend hire The Akame in Akame ga Kill!. The English dub premiered on September 8 and was Gabriel Rigogo (Narita in .). Haikyuu!!Expression of Kou and Natalie SR (Midari Ikishima in .) Kakigurui) like Nazuna.

All 13 episodes of night call Currently available on HIDIVE.

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