The cult of Suguru Jito will flourish in real life

Jujutsu Kisen 0 He introduced Geto Suguru, the scourge of the Jujutsu community and the series’ primary antagonist. Ghetto believes that ordinary humans are inferior beings compared to jujutsu magicians, making it his mission to create a world without humans where jujutsu magicians can use their damned techniques as they see fit.

Ghetto has lived his life according to this ideology, even creating a cult of sorts where he can control the humans he despises. The Geto cult was his ever-increasing source of resources he intended to use to achieve his New World Order. In fact, it was so efficiently organized that it might have thrived in real life as well.

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Why did Geto have a cult in Jujutsu Kaisen 0?

As selfish as he was, Geto’s main purpose for organizing a loyal following was not because he felt the need for absolute adoration. In fact, he resented every single one of the humans who flocked to him for salvation, but they had their uses. Geto divided his human followers into two groups that showed how little he really cared about them; Curse of collecting monkeys and collecting money monkeys. However, he never referred to them like that in their faces.

Most of the sect’s population was made up of the Cursed Gathering Monkeys. They were ordinary citizens who heard about the exorcism services offered by Geto and came to him whenever they encountered supernatural obstacles. Most of the time, Geto could easily rid them of their Cursed Spiritual Tormentor with the Cursed Soul Manipulation Technique—although there was a strange follower whose problems were completely fictitious. However, on the rare occasions, Geto was able to secure higher-order insults from a particularly restless following. He boasted that there were over a thousand Cursed Souls under his control and he must have secured a large number of them through this method.

Gitto’s group of “money-raising monkeys” was much smaller. These were the wealthy elite who had donated to his cause in the hope that he would use his abilities as a wizard to their advantage. The ghetto despised this group more than the one who brought insults to it. After making sure of their continued loyalty with empty promises, he drained them of all their finances. As soon as they have nothing else to give, Ghetto curses them to death.

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ghetto worship in Jujutsu Kisen 0 He became famous mainly because of his connections with his followers. Those who came to him with damn trouble met a charismatic, friendly, and almost all-knowing man who was willing to justify his eccentricities as mere quirks of her divine touch. The fact that Geto will produce instant results – unlike many other brokers who advertise similar services – will only cause these people to love it. Once satisfied, they would leave with only good things to say, spreading tales of Geto’s miracles around the country and encouraging anyone else with similar problems to visit them as well.

These many monkeys collecting the curse will be Geto’s first line of defense against any form of criticism. He had a very positive perception within the audience and a lot of popular support. Like many contemporary religious leaders, Gitto would become deified. He had a die-hard following who would refute any accusations of playing evil on his behalf and only promote his saint-like image.

He will continue to collect money for the monkeys in Geto’s endeavour, plus any expenses he will incur in servicing the curse of collecting monkeys. Even if their routine disappearances start to grab attention, Geto’s loyal followers will quickly sweep rumors under the rug. Wealthy people seeking more power will listen to the good news and keep rushing to the Geto’s side, ensuring that his coffers never dry up as long as they can. In the end, the real winner will always be Geto himself.