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The new Shonen Manga Dandadan is the wildest thing you’ll read this year


There is a quirky beauty to a remarkably cool, bold and daring parody work Shounen Jump Although it may be, Yukinobu Tatsu’s dandan It is a rare kind of comedy that pushes the boundaries of acceptance while also making fun of tired intermediate metaphors. He debuted in Japan last year to elicit comments from Shueisha’s Sh┼Źnen Jump +, dandan It is now receiving its official English language release from Viz Media on October 11th. The series raises its bonkers handle to 11 but is also capable of spawning that rare mix of elements that leads to an absolute knockout in its prime.

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Balancing can be tricky when juggling hundreds of balls, and action/comedy/horror/romance seems like a tricky business to keep in the air, but Tatsu’s devotion to his story is crystal clear, in part due to his absurd tempered nature. The story begins with high school student Momo Ayase, the heroine featured in this story, engaging in a violent breakup with her boyfriend before immediately trying to flirt with the other boys in the class, resulting in a controversial new friendship with a quiet loner named Okron. . This is only the beginning of a nefarious narrative surrounding aliens, ghosts, supernatural powers, ghostly possessions and of course teenage angst, as the two somehow get involved in gigantic battles against supernatural forces. dandan You don’t need to fight to be incredible, but the fights you’re fighting definitely don’t hurt her.

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What begins as a friendly bet, as Momo tries to convince Okarun that ghosts are real while Okarun tries to convince Momo that extraterrestrials exist, quickly escalates into multiple life-or-death conflicts. dandan Ghosts, foul-mouthed aliens, and a pair of quick-thinking kids on top of their heads. Holding on to the absurd, Tatsu refused to compromise his crazy and inappropriate general tone and work style (no doubt he owes his past work as an assistant in chainsaw man), wins in the end, and the result is an intense and fun non-stop ride from start to finish. Check out this trailer from Viz below for an expanded preview.

Dandadan is a Shonen Jump parody done right

The Tatsu series highlights the humorous side of shonen The manga market, due to the need to appeal to older audiences, many of these so-called “boy manga” often end up featuring mature themes that may be unsuitable for younger audiences. Instead of taking up the challenge, Tatsuo presents his A-game dandan In creating a business that goes properly to some extent can be accepted under the auspices of a shonen Classification without crossing over. The result is a light, well-drawn, and built story that manages to showcase fantastic monster designs combined with great compositional efforts.

Young readers should not be confused: though shonen Rated, the series contains sexual and violence themes that do not fit the typical Western sense of children’s entertainment. except for that, dandan It is a sexy and imaginative satire of the model shonen A fare that is sure to drop jaws and split sides through the sheer audacity of it all.

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dandan On sale wherever books go on October 11th.