Asta learns mana skin with anti-magic in Black Clover episode 132

The power of Asta’s new manga is best explained through the anime

Episode 132 of the Black Clover anime is the perfect starting point for what Asta achieved during his time at Hino in chapter 339 of the manga.

Warning: SPOILERS for Black Clover Chapter 339 and Episode 132Asta I just learned a new technique originally black clover A manga makes more sense when thinking about something he achieved in an anime only episode.

In episode 132 of the anime, Asta participates in a special training that forces him to travel deep into the Yultim Volcano Underground Cave where the mana heat is so intense that those who dare to venture without protecting themselves with their mana skin will burn to ashes. This episode of black clover It puts Asta at a very disadvantage because he doesn’t have any mana and therefore naturally can’t produce this protective skin. So he improvises by replacing mana with counter magic when summoning this shield.

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In Chapter 339 of black clover Manga written by mangaka Yuki Tabata, Asta has notably mastered a technique called Zetten which only the most powerful mages of Black Clover The mysterious Hino Country has only been able to play the game so far. To successfully summon a Zetten, the user must focus and use their ki to perform a movement equal to Asta using the ki to cause the Mana skin to radiate with force. Of course, since Asta had no mana, he had to exchange magic for anti-magic.

I can only grow black clover Is the episode considered a Kanon manga?

Remarkably, the Asta is able to perform the Zetten on a single try, which the “Wizard King” in Hino Country attributes to the Asta having a good foundation. In the case of the manga, Asta’s foundation came from Yami’s definition of ki and how he senses ki in battle. But that’s it. The episode where Asta created a Mana Skin for himself to withstand the immense heat of mana never occurred in the manga, so Asta basically learned a technique that a select few had only mastered by having ki experience, not Mana Skin. Thus, the anime makes the final chapter more believable while giving context to this final phase of Asta’s journey in becoming the King of Witches. His ability to create anti-magic skin was already an impressive feat back then because every time he unleashed his anti-magic, Asta could only maintain his demonic form for a short period of time. Since producing and maintaining Mana Skin required the worker to maintain a steady flow of mana around him, Asta now faced two obstacles. He had to learn his own version of Mana Skin unlike any other magician and somehow stay in control when achieving that was difficult for him at the time. Furthermore, Asta was later forced to unleash his partial demonic form while in his extreme mana cave, which meant that continuing with his anti-magic skin would be highly unlikely because he had only learned minutes ago how to control anti-magic. Enough to create a protective shield without losing the majority of his power, and having just transformed, he had the least amount of resistance to magic at his disposal.

This intense training exercise in Black Clover The animation clearly represents a solid and solid foundation upon which Asta can master Zetin. Unfortunately, readers can’t really view this episode as canon in the manga because Asta refers to Mana Skin as something that everyone else, not him, does when trying to figure out how Zetten does. But at least they can when it’s a file black clover Anime resumes. It will be interesting to see if Asta It refers to that moment when the Chapter 339 amendment finally appeared.

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