The real reason why many girls cut their hair

Several things about My hero academy The cast has changed getting into the final arc, especially their designs. Many of them have upgraded their clothing, added new support items, and equipped themselves with equipment to deal with recent injuries. Some of them are even sporting new hairstyles.

More specifically, some girls have made their hair a lot easier. Mirko and Nejire Chan switched from waist-length to shoulder-length hair. Mount Lady either did the same to her hair or tied her back; Whatever she did to him, he no longer flowed onto her back like he used to. Two cases of girls simplifying their hairstyles may be a coincidence, but three cases are a style. Perhaps there are reasons in the story for this, or perhaps Kōhei Horikoshi is simply tired of drawing long-haired women. It’s hard to say, but there are ways to find out.

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Why have girls’ hairstyles changed?

The first heroine for a reason to shorten her hair is Njeer-chan. In the story, she had to cut her hair short because Dabby burned most of it in Chapter 292, “Threads of Hope.” By the start of the next arc, she was cutting any long hair she had left so that it was shoulder length. That’s the interpretation of the universe, but Horikoshi may be willing to share another story.

On Nejire’s profile page, Horikoshi provided some additional details about the hero’s training that was not present in the story. Among these details, oops mention how difficult it is to draw long hair. This may be the hidden reason behind his decision to write her poetry outside of the story.

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Horikoshi may have targeted this point about drawing long hair towards a nigiri, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only one it applies to. Drawing long hair generally takes longer than shorter hair; You are also more likely to have sutures that deviate depending on the person’s posture and movements. The more hair the character has, the more effort the artist has to put into drawing it. This difficulty only worsens when there are more characters with long hair.

This would explain why Horikoshi took the opportunity to unburden himself. This would explain why he changed not only Niger’s poetry, but also Mirko and Mount Lady; Whatever the reasons that led them to change their hair were not mentioned in the story. Perhaps Horikoshi saw this as another place to cut corners.

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Of course, none of this means that Horikoshi is wrong or even lazy to make this change. Many Shōnen Jump artists have used time-saving methods to keep up with the workload of drawing 14-20 manga pages each week; with dragon ball, Akira Toriyama gave Goku Super Saiyan’s light-colored hair so he could save time inking it; with Naruto Masashi Kishimoto gave Sasuke a cool new outfit, but had to change it back to his standard look due to unsustainability. If Horikoshi decides to change the appearance of his characters to something that’s easy to draw, that’s his choice.

Whatever the reasons why girls change their hair, there is no doubt that it will make Horikoshi’s job easier. Whether they did it because their skin was damaged in their last fight or simply to make the fight easier in general, they will likely keep these looks for the rest of the series. It should be seen as a change for the better by everyone.