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The scariest character from One Piece

piece It is an epic shonen series written by Ichiro Oda. It is the most popular manga series in the world, with more than 500 million copies sold worldwide. The highlight of the series is its complex world-building, and it never ceases to amaze fans.

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However, this does not mean that other aspects of the series are bad. In fact, there are some even more passionate fans of the other themes such as the countless number of characters. Oda has created all kinds of characters, including some pretty scary. These characters are designed in such a way as to frighten their opponents and piece fans as well.

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7/7 black bird

Currently, Blackbeard is one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. He managed to gain a place in the elite group after defeating the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates. By nature, Blackbeard is a very evil person, and does not hesitate to use deceptive means to achieve his goals.

When he was still a follower on the Whitebeard ship, Thatch was killed in cold blood. After that, he captured Ace and handed him over to the Marines. His Yami Yami no Mi strength allows him to swallow anything he desires, making him a fearsome character.

6/7 Doflamingo

Driven by his sinister appeal, Doflamingo is one of the best villains the series has seen so far. Normally, a Doflamingo doesn’t look intimidating, but once the veins on his forehead start to show, that’s a sure sign that the other person is in trouble.

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Perhaps what makes Doflamingo scary is his obsessive laugh, which he uses almost every time. With his demonic fruits, Doflamingo was able to control the movement of other people, and he used this power to take control of the country of Dressrosa. The most terrifying thing about his reign was that most people were unaware of the fact that they were living under the rule of a tyrant. In addition, Doflamingo worked as a broker in the Under World where he sold devil fruits, weapons, and even people.

5/7 Big Mom

There are hardly any scenes in piece This is more terrifying than an angry Big Mom confronting her opponent, and asking a simple but frightening question – life or death? In addition to being a catalyst for his demonic fruits, he also frightened the living daylights of his opponents.

Big Mom’s short temper made it very difficult for any member of her family to talk to her. In fact, when she was angry, Big Mom wouldn’t keep her children, she would kill them if she wanted to. Needless to say, a person who could kill their own children was definitely terrifying.

4/7 Bartholomew Kuma

Bartholomew Kuma is a former Shichibukai, who has been turned into a reckless cyborg by Dr. Vegapunk. Having lost his ability to think, Kuma was used as a personal slave by one of the Celestial Dragons. At the moment, things might look good for him, but they weren’t always bad for Koma. In the past, Kuma used to be a world-renowned pirate.

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When Kuma appeared at Thriller Park, all of Moriah’s crew were frightened by his mere presence. Kuma barely spoke, but the way he carried himself made him look extremely menacing. Kuma’s reputation fell into disrepair when he fought the Straw Hat Pirates in the Sapudi Archipelago. Kuma overwhelmed the crew very easily and sent them to various places. Fans were surprised that they had never seen the crew smashed before.

3/7 Akino

Aquino is the captain of the Marine Fleet, a position he reached after defeating fellow admiral, Aokiji, in a ten-day battle for Bank Hazard. Aquino is the most ruthless admiral, as seen at Marineford Arc where he killed Portgas de Ace.

Aside from being strong enough to crush his opponents, Akainu also uses manipulation to turn people against each other. There are several incidents that establish his status as one of the scariest: first, when another Marine was killed; Two: When Kobe attacked. And finally when he destroyed the ship that was carrying the citizens of O’Hara.

2/7 Kaido

Kaido was known as “the most powerful creature in the world.” From a young age, Kaido’s strength impressed his comrades, and they were worried that he might pose a threat to the people around him, so they tried to sell him to the navy. As he got older, Kaido earned the respect of others with his strength. His first appearance in the series was a really cool scene of him hitting an island, but he came out unharmed. Seeing Kaido standing in front of him was enough to strike fear into the heart of brave child Eustace.

Kaido’s goal was to start a war that would sweep the entire world. To fulfill this dream, Doflamingo commissioned the production of SMILEs, which he would feed to his soldiers. Kaido did not care about his soldiers and would willingly kill them if he angered him. Kaido’s tyranny nearly destroyed Wano, and it required a massive alliance to bring him down.

1/7 Magellan

Magellan’s reputation may be tarnished because he spends so much time on the toilet, but that doesn’t make him any less terrifying. He is a very strong character, who has the power of Doku Doku no Mi. The Devil Fruit allows him to produce all kinds of deadly poisons that he can use against his opponents.

When Magellan is enraged, he uses his demonic fruits to create a demon-like entity, covered in a scarlet-colored poison, known as Kinjite. This is Magellan’s most powerful poison, and it can even affect inanimate objects such as stones. When the fugitives from Impel Down saw this figure of Magellan, they were stunned, and accepted that they would meet their end.

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