The Bloodline was heavily featured on this week

The wrestling world went berserk after Roman Reigns apparently faced off against fellow Bloodline at WWE SmackDown

The tension between Roman Reigns and fellow Bloodline, Jey Uso, was evident at WWE SmackDown this week.

The Bloodline made his presence known at the SmackDown season premiere with The Tribal Chief going head to head with Logan Paul prior to their match at Crown Jewel.

During the same clip, Reigns stared at Jey as the audience started cheering for the latter. However, Sami Zayn intervened and brought peace to the bloodline camp.

Wrestling fans responded quickly to the brief stare between the cousins. The Twitterverse noted that the moment reminded them of a 2020 other than the year between Reigns and Jey.

Check out the reactions on Twitter:

The look that Roman Reigns gave Jey Uso reminded me of their amazing rivalry in late 2020#smackdown

Troubles between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso during WWE Friday Night SmackDown

Who knew that Logan Paul would be the one to repeat the most things Roman Reigns said to JUSO, and the reason behind the birth of right-hand Man Ji, only to turn it against Roman himself and possibly bring Real JUSO back?? “I can’t tell you about some”#smackdown…

Paul: Do you mean…”tribe chief” Roman Reigns or “tribe chief” JUSO? Don’t forget that J was the only member questioning Roman’s leadership.#smackdown #bloodline # jiosu

The way Roman Reigns looked at J! This part of the dynasty story is deep

Corey Graves recently gave his opinion on Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul

The news of Logan Paul’s confrontation with Roman Reigns caused a sensation in the mainstream media. WWE commentator Corey Graves recently gave his opinion on the upcoming match at Crown Jewel.

on him after the bell On the podcast, Graves claimed he would have hated the idea of ​​the match a decade ago. However, it is now believed that Reigns vs. Paul is a good idea from a business point of view.

“If you were to ask me the same question 10 years ago, 11 years ago, when I first started working for the company as a development wrestler in FCW, I would have said, ‘This is rubbish. I hate that. I can not afford it. This guy didn’t pay his dues… ‘Now I sit where I sit, having tried this machine in that capacity for as long as I stayed and sat ringside for countless hours of matches and moments and memories, now I have a totally different point of view and I love it because of the business side of it’, Paul said.

As previously mentioned, Reigns and Paul will clash in the upcoming Crown Jewel live event. The defector will challenge for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship in only his third match in WWE. It remains to be seen whether or not Ji Usu will betray his tribal leader at this event.

Can Logan Paul surprise the wrestling world and expel Roman Reigns? The sound is out in the comments section

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