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Top 10 anime characters brought back from the dead

Death is usually a permanent consequence. However, this is not always the case in animation. There are many anime characters who have died, only to be resurrected either at the moment or later in the show. Many heroes and side characters alike have been the subject of this miraculous phenomenon.

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While the stories and deaths vary, these characters all share a resurrection. No matter who they are, their deaths are always tragic. Although some are loved and others hated, these characters often return with the purpose of revenge.

10/10 Issei Hyoudou had a date to die for

Dxd High School

Issei Hyoudou is a raunchy teenager who attends Kuoh Academy in Dxd High School. Unbeknownst to him, the academy is full of students who are actually angels, fallen angels, and demons. So, in blissful ignorance, Isa agrees to go on a date with a fallen angel who will prove to be a murderer.

Fortunately, Jesus is resurrected by a demon named Rias Gremory, who tells him that he is now her servant. Issa comes to accept his new role – grateful that his first date wasn’t his last either.

9/10 Kurogiri has a secret identity

My hero academy

When fans first meet Kurogiri in My hero academyHe seems to be just another one of Tomura Shiguraki’s followers. His transport feature comes in handy in helping the Guild of Villains make a quick escape. However, the fact that kurogiri exists is even more sinister.

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Kurogiri is actually an evolved Nomu created by resurrecting the part of a deceased boy named Oboro Shirakumo. Shirakomo was an old friend of Shota Aizawa and Hisashi Yamada who died in a vicious attack while doing a field training. Although he’s not quite the same, fans can’t help but feel disgusted at performing such a gruesome experiment on a student.

8/10 Ash Ketchum turned to stone

Pokemon: The First Movie

Pokemon. Unfortunately, in Pokemon: The First MovieAsh, turned to stone after receiving a blow from Mewtwo. Pokémon heart grieved and began to cry.

Just when all hope is lost, Ash is revived by the tears of Pokémons. His emotional sacrifice to save the creatures he loved cemented Ash as a brave and compassionate character. Young fans were especially happy to see his resurrection after suffering a devastating blow.

7/10 Sakura Minamoto realized her dream

Zombieland saga

Zombieland sagaSakura Minamoto was a middle school girl who dreamed of being an idol pop, until she died after being hit by a truck. However, when she woke up, she found herself in a strange room surrounded by strange looking young women.

Sakura soon realizes that she and other girls are dead, and they are brought back to life to form an unconventional idol group. They may not know how to come back to life, but the Franchocho Girls are dedicated to reviving Saga Prefecture’s standing as an entertainment hub. It seems that Sakura got her idol wish after all, only after her death.

6/10 Subaru Natsuki responds to infinity

Re: zero

When Subaru Natsuki left his home to go to the store one day, he never imagined the terrifying adventure that was waiting for him. Much to his dismay, Subaru is transported to a fantasy world with an evil belly in the Re: zero.

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As the audience quickly learns, every time Subaru dies in this new world, he is resurrected in the same place he woke up the first time. Subaru has been dying so many times that the feeling is almost old hat. However, he is constantly enduring death and resurrection for the sake of his friends and this mysterious new world.

5/10 Sailor Moon can’t stand to be without Endymion

sailor moon

Osagi Tsukino grew up as an ordinary teenager until she discovers that she is the embodiment of Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom in sailor moon. After that, she discovers her strength and her fellow sailor scouts, and she arrives on a fascinating mission to defend the universe from dark forces. With her crush, Mamoru Chiba (tuxedo mask) on their side as well, the group seems unstoppable.

However, when Tuxedo Mask is killed during a fight with Queen Beryl, Sailor Moon is so overcome by grief that she takes her own life. Fortunately, due to the power of the silver crystal, the two of them were revived and continued to fight side by side.

4/10 Aang’s death signaled a turning point in the Fire Lord’s plan

Avatar: Another Airbender

Ang’s champagne and childish personality always contrasts with the despicable things that happen to the citizens at the hands of the Fire Nation in Avatar: Another Airbender. However, the real gravity of the situation stalks Ang at the end of season two when the prince and princess of the Fire Nation face off.

Zuko and Azula gathered on Aang before Azula electrocuted him while he was in the Avatar State. The blast killed Ang for a while, but thanks to Katara, he was revived with Spirit Water from the Northern Water Tribe’s Oasis. This event was a turning point in the show, as Aang finally saw the true consequences of the Fire Lord’s continued rule.

3/10 Goku dies more than once

Dragon ball Z

Goku is a well-known main character in Dragon ball Z. However, he is not immune to the cruel fate of death. After subduing his brother, Raditz, Goku, and Piccolo prepare to end Raditz’s terrible rule. However, because Goku is holding him in place, the blast also hits him, killing him along with Raditz. He was later revived with the Dragon Balls.

However, this wasn’t the only time Goku died and was resurrected. During a battle with Hive, Goku attempts to use instant transmission to keep Hive away from the others before he destroys himself. In doing so, he places himself in the blast radius and perishes. Fortunately, Goku was revived years later by Old Kai.

2/10 Gaara protects his village


Although Gaara was cursed in his village, he eventually changed his ways and became the Kazekage of his village just like his father before him in Naruto. Therefore, when the Akatsuki members appear, Gaara is responsible for dealing with them.

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Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, Gaara is captured and Shukaku is stripped of his body, killing him. However, he is saved by Chiyo who gave her life to save him.

1/10 Yuji Itadori survived against all odds

Jujutsu Kisen

Jujutsu KisenYuji Itadori is an ordinary high school student who is mostly to become the vessel of an incredibly powerful cursed spirit called Sukuna. Although he defends Sukuna for some time, the evil entity eventually takes over Yuji’s body and fights Yuji’s new ally, Megumi Fushiguro. The battle ends when Sukuna tears Yuji’s heart out of his body as a test of magic to revive him.

Fortunately, Yuji survived the ordeal to continue fighting again. Yuji’s return to life shows his dedication to the promise he made to his grandfather, as well as his commitment to his new friends at Jujutsu High.

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