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Top 10 Anime Movies Not For Everyone

There are hundreds of new anime coming to the market every year and a lot of attention is focused on the ongoing anime series that runs throughout the year and collects hundreds or even thousands of episodes. These programs are a mainstay in the animation industry, but there is also a rich world of animation films to explore.

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Animated films can be linked to current manga or anime series, but there are countless independent stories that thrive through their focused narratives and dazzling visual designs. Anime films can garner critical praise and win prestigious awards, but that doesn’t mean they are global hits that will reach all audiences.

10/10 The night is short, walking on the cute girl, quirky slice of life is bliss

Each of Masaaki Yuasa’s creations, whether feature films or TV series, are expressive and unconventional works of art. The night is short, walk the girl Technically expanding Galaxy mats Japanese comics. The humble character study depicts one night on the town.

The early hero lets her guard down, throws caution to the wind, and enjoys life’s many luxuries. Streamlined character models, funky color palettes, and random musical interludes add this character to The night is short, walk the girl, But casual viewers may find it boring and fail to understand what the fuss is about.

9/10 Millennium Actress calculates the cost of a legacy

Satoshi Kon died very early in his prolific career, and his contributions to the animation industry, such as Perfect blue, paprika, godfathers of Tokyo, And the Paranoia factor It is still considered a masterpiece. Kohn often engages in psychological thrillers that analyze questions of identity and blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

Millennium Actress He still uses a surreal sense of storytelling, but in a relatively restrained way, all in service of the famous actress’ legacy. Millennium Actress The entirety of a person’s profession is used as a way to reflect on life and consider the future of society. It’s a nice story, but it’s the most “normal” universe movie.

8/10 The wind is blowing Hayao Miyazaki in the utmost seriousness and gloom

Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli contributions are among the most popular animated films of all time. Many of Miyazaki’s stories are immersed in hilarious fantasy, but there is also a sad undertone in much of his work. the wind rises Full of stereotypical Miyazaki’s stunning beauty, but it’s by far his most adult film and lacks the superhero escapes and young protagonists of his other works.

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the wind rises It explores the tragic story of an aircraft designer who struggles to accept that his aeronautical masterpieces are being used as tools of destruction. the wind rises He engages in mature and important conversation, but is also dry and mechanical.

7/10 Metropolis opens fans to a brave new sci-fi world

Metropolis It is a groundbreaking animated film produced by Katsuhiro Otomo, Rintaro and Madhouse, and is the same team behind it. Akira And the Steamboy. Metropolis Possibly the biggest challenge is in Otomo’s features, and the upbeat sci-fi story borrows from both Osamu Tezuka’s original manga and the popular black-and-white movie Fritz Lang.

The touching story about the coexistence of humans and robots is even more exciting two decades later, and the detailed animation is still stunning by modern standards. However, it is easy to get lost in this sterile universe and focus on technology rather than the humanity behind it.

6/10 Promare offers explosive actions and images at the expense of the character

Anime fans are becoming increasingly familiar with the studios behind their favorite projects. This attitude has helped Studio TRIGGER become one of the most popular animation studios, and each of their series is guaranteed to look great. There were high expectations about what this team could do with a cinematic budget.

aesthetically promir It does not disappoint, and each frame of the animation is amazing fun. However, the story dealing with superhero firefighters dealing with combustible villains leaves little to be desired. Vulgar characters and conspiracy get in the way promirAmbitious visuals.

5/10 Ghost in the Shell’s Cyberpunk Storytelling is too cold for some

Mamoru Oshi ghost in bowl Still a high mark for disruptive science fiction and dystopian cyberpunk anime storytelling. the original ghost in bowl It has been turned into countless TV series and deeply philosophical sequels, none of which have been able to restore the original art.

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ghost in bowl It explores fascinating questions about identity and humanity’s growing dependence on artificial intelligence. It’s a great crime story wrapped in hard science fiction, but Motoko Kusanagi’s Terminator-like attitude doesn’t work for everyone. Others are also lost in the series’ prolific fan service, which is detrimental to them ghost in bowl.

4/10 The bubble makes the most of a magical disaster

bubble The 2022 anime movie made a splash on Netflix with its colorful visuals and gravity-defying kinetic air sequences with parkour-like reactions. bubble It is set in a fantasy world where cheerful children try to make the most of their miserable world.

The appearance of a charming girl eliminates everyone’s existence. bubble It has engaging characters and a serviceable story, but for many, it’s more a case of style than substance. The film’s use of colour, choreography, and music will please many, but not everyone.

3/10 Redline is a great race through space for unimaginable riches

year 2009 Redline She is the most mature and out of control Madhouse version of fast racer Which throws outrageous aliens, hordes of fearsome criminals, and a huge prize at the finish line. Director Takeshi Koike’s first feature film shows extreme creativity, and he makes sure that the length of the film race never goes on or feels unjustified.

Redline It’s a testament to innovative characterization and action sequences, but the thrilling race won’t get everyone excited. It’s the story type that’s best suited to an OVA feature-length episode or TV, not a movie.

2/10 Hasna tells a story about coming of age in the age of modern technology

belle It is the latest feature film of Mamoru Hosoda anime, and it has topped many anime fan lists for the best movie of 2021. belle It seems like the culmination of many of the ideas that fill Hosoda’s stories, such as the power of virtual worlds and the self-altering avatar, as it offers a modern retelling of Beauty and the beast.

Belle is an undoubtedly beautiful movie, and the film’s many musical performances are a great achievement. However, some may see belle Hosoda refused to step out of his comfort zone. It is a simplified story of identity and empowerment. While touching, not everyone’s icy hearts will melt.

1/10 Rebuild Evangelion exits the script with a reconstruction of a classic anime

While a collection of four feature films released over the course of 14 years, Rebuild Evangelion All together, the films tell one story. It was initially designed as a more efficient rebuild of Hideaki Anno Neon Genesis Evangelion Existential mecha series Rebuilding Movies are slowly making their way.

It presents an alternate reality that allows Anno to cast out many of his demons and say goodbye to Evangelion The universe on its happy terms. The Rebuild Evangelion The movies will be tough for those who don’t agree with some of the changes in the last two movies to sit on.

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