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Top 10 anime series you can watch instead of bleach

whitening He stands as one of the “big three” of shounen anime along with his big brothers piece And the Naruto. For many anime fans, watching any or all of them is a very rewarding experience and a gift that keeps on giving. For longtime anime lovers, whitening It’s worth the investment, but other anime fans may not feel this way.

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Some anime fans may not have enough time for that whiteningLong anime, even if they cut off all the fillers. Or an anime fan might try whitening They decide that this anime is not their style. Either way, a fan looking for a shounen action can try out a variety of almost similar series. whitening, but without luggage. Some of them can even be summoned Bleach 2.0.

10/10 Demon Slayer is a smaller, more emotionally effective bleacher

Demon Slayer

author Demon Slayer Quote whitening As one of the few series that inspired whiteningAnd it’s easy to learn how to do it. Demon Slayer It also features ballistic warriors who save humanity from monsters, and these swordsmen even have a small elite legion, the Inscrutable. These are the demon slayer captains.

In general, this anime is leaner and meaner whitening It gets a lot done in much less time, and it also has virtually no filler content. Add in great character designs, top-notch animations and great music, and it’s clear why this is an evolution of the classic but with age. whitening.

9/10 Jujutsu Kaisen is actually Bleach 2.0

Jujutsu Kisen

hit shounen series Jujutsu Kisen It looks remarkably similar to whiteningAnd this is no coincidence. The author’s name is whitening As one of the main inspirations for this series, both stories involve a kind-hearted high school student who one night acquires supernatural powers to save people from monsters.

But Jujutsu Kisen Not whitening Reproduction or wishful thinking lazily written. This series borrows the best parts whitening, condenses them into a light package, and puts them all in a fresh spin. The result is a light and elegant shounen adventure that pays homage to it whitening With its own powerful sound.

8/10 My Hero Academia scratches the shonen itch

My hero academy

objectively and visually, My hero academy very different from whitening Compared to its competitors Jujutsu Kisen And the Demon SlayerAt least, they’re still in the same league. This is the story of vulnerable teenager Izuku Midoriya and his quest to become the new No. 1 hero against all odds.

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My hero academy It’s quite tall now, but it’s moving at a fast pace, unlike whitening. Pound for pound, more storytelling is being done. It also helps that this action packed series has quite a few filler episodes, most of which are worth watching.

7/10 Attack on Titan is bleaching with giants and interesting politics

The attack on the Giants

In broad strokes, the dark shounen anime series The attack on the Giants is similar to whitening. Both involve a teenage boy who picks up a sword to fight man-eating monsters, and both later learn the grim truth about their families. But in other respects, The attack on the Giants He is stronger than my anime series.

Having high-quality animation is just the beginning. The attack on the Giants It keeps viewers engaged with politics and intriguing mysteries, and frequent betrayals and deaths heighten the suspense throughout. Eren Yeager’s world continues to expand in ways he never dreamed of.

6/10 Chainsaw man is bleaching with stand

chainsaw man

chainsaw man It is another anime that has obvious similarities to it whitening As these two series feature a tough teenage boy who gains powers overnight to fight off carnivorous monsters. But the similarities end there chainsaw man He is mobilizing a serious attitude.

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Ichigo Kurosaki might be a cool punk, but chainsaw man from top to bottom. This deceptively deep and honest series is a daring and shocking deconstruction of shounen conventions, and must be seen to be believed. There is no telling what will happen in the next chapter or episode.

5/10 Hunter X Hunter is one of the highlights that you must watch in Shonen

Hunter X Hunter

If it wasn’t for the frequent hiatus in the original manga, it was the hit series Hunter X Hunter Perhaps he was a part of the Big Three shounen instead of whiteningAnd it’s easy to see why. This series features a brilliant and intelligent combat system based on Nen, and quirky and engaging character designs.

Hunter X Hunter Starring young hero Gon Freecs, a boy determined to explore the world as a licensed hunter and find his missing father Jing at any cost. Along the way are his friends Killua and Kurapika, who have their own unique talents and motivations.

4/10 The Vinland saga is a fierce battle of swords

Vinland Saga

Medieval Seinen Anime Vinland Saga Not a fantasy series like whitening or Demon SlayerBut any anime fan looking for a series with swords and action is sure to enjoy this grim story. This is the story of Thorfinn Karlsefni, an aggressive rogue who aims to avenge his murdered father at any cost.

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In this anime, powerful Viking warriors cross swords and battle axes with countless enemies in blood-soaked battlefields, and the anime also introduces some interesting philosophy along the way. Thorfinn will learn some wise life lessons that not even Ichigo Kurosaki can imagine.

3/10 Tokyo Ghoul is a dark story of ghouls and justice

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is similar to whitening In both series, a typical young man suddenly gains supernatural powers overnight and begins fighting monsters on the streets. The similarities end there, with Tokyo Ghoul It’s going in a completely different direction.

Tokyo Ghoul It contains a lot of exciting action sequences, but the real message is one of unity and understanding. As a tormented one-eyed ogre, protagonist Ken Kaneki seeks to reconcile the human and ghoul sides of this endless conflict, but it won’t be easy, especially when the Aogiri Tree gang makes their move.

2/10 Fire power is all about hunting monsters


firepower It is a colorful, cheerful and action-packed shounen anime series sharing whiteningFeelings of a “monster hunter” while retaining his identity and style. This story features the sharp-toothed hero Shinra Kusakabe, a fire soldier who has sworn not only to fight Hell, but also to save his little brother Sho at any cost.

Shinra is a bit like Ichigo because he is a brave fighter who protects civilians from monsters in the street, but the world building is completely different. unlike whiteningThe firepower The anime is about a mysterious cult and the impending apocalypse that includes the enigmatic missionary and the eight pillars.

1/10 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is supernatural fun

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

It is true that the plot, combat system and sense of humor Joe Joe They are all somewhat different from whiteningown. But if a shonen fan wants to watch and watch great series whitening It won’t suit their needs, it’s time for a high-quality adventure Joe Joe.

This anime is divided into six arcs, each with its own stand-alone story of the Joestar family’s never-ending battle against evil. Great fighting system, vampires, weird humor, and clever tactics are all a cut above all else whitening can display. Even better, there are no filler rings.

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