Itachi and Loid, two Double Agents anime characters

Top 10 “Double Agent” Characters in Anime

The fall 2022 anime season is poised to be one of the best anime season in recent memory. The season features new adventures like blue lock, Back classic like My hero academyAnd the second season of Spy family x.

Many fans are especially excited Spy family x, which features Lloyd Forger, a double agent working for the Westalis nation as he spies on Ostania political leader Donovan Desmond. There are a lot of other double factors in animation like Lloyd’s. Some work for the good guys, some for the bad guys, and some are anywhere in between.

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Mukuru Ikusaba
Mukuru Ikusaba from Danganronpa

Mukuro Ikusaba has never had a chance to become one of the most loved people Danganronpa Personalities. Unfortunately, the majority of the cast never had the chance to meet the actual Mukuru in the first place.

Most people know Mukuru Ikusaba as Enoshima Junko, the Ultimate Fashionista. Instead, Mukuro was helping Junko’s real spy on the students of Hope’s Peak to create their own killing game. Oddly enough, the double agent is overtaken by her sister and partner in crime. Before Mukuro could do much of anything, the real Junko killed her.

aizenAizen in Bleach

Aizen Sosuke is one of the most beloved villains in whitening And one of the most famous twisted villains in the anime. While Aizen had been working with Tousen and Gin the entire time, he had convinced the rest of the spirit community that he had been killed.

The whitening The opponent was eventually working out for himself, unlike many other dual factors. After his betrayal, Aizen’s true brilliance shined, as he was able to usurp Hueco Mundo and create his own kingdom there. However, it could be said that Aizen wouldn’t have been a very good double agent had it not been for Zanpakuto’s phantom powers, as many people were already suspicious and hated by him.

Lloyd ForgerLloyd angrily tears up a newspaper in Spy x Family

The protagonist in the anime is often a double agent, but it all makes sense in a spy anime. Lloyd Forger from spy x family, Codenamed Twilight, he is a spy from Westalis who aims to scrutinize the nation of Ostania.

What makes Lloyd’s character so intriguing is the relationship he develops with the Ostanian Yor murderer. As Lloyd and Yor’s relationship grows, it seems hard to believe that they would target their partner. However, Lloyd’s work as a spy makes the dynamic of his marriage to Yore and his hostile relationship with his secret police brother-in-law a constant source of anxiety for the public.

KabutoKabuto stands in front of his masked teammates during the Chunin Exams in Naruto

Kabuto was one of the first allies to be introduced in Naruto. It was initially revealed as a gene that failed the Chunin tests multiple times. However, in reality, he was a double agent for Orochimaru who had the potential to become one of the Naruto Best side characters.

In the end, after Kabuto had already betrayed the Hidden Leaf, he became a formidable opponent. Kabuto’s strength has always been in his intelligence, making him the perfect double agent character. His betrayal would have been more meaningful if he had more time to be close to Naruto and the gang, but it was still fun.

that IAnnie laughing at attack on titan

Annie Leonhart was the antagonist of the first season of The attack on the Giants And one of the original apprentice gang members that the crowd followed. Tragically, she turns out to be the powerful female Titan.

Part of what made Annie’s betrayal so enjoyable was the mystery surrounding her even after her arrest. The aftermath of Annie’s defeat revealed her true status as a convenient double agent rather than an ordinary traitor: her loyalty to Marley. As a warrior candidate, Annie’s mission was to conquer Heaven and capture the Founding Colossus.


Reiner was originally one of Eren’s best friends, and, unlike Mikasa, was among the most skilled military cadets. However, Reiner and his friend Bertholdt turn out to be warrior candidates like their old friend Annie.

Reiner’s identity as the Armored Giant was a more shocking plot twist than Annie’s identity as a female Titan. However, it was the consequences of his actions that really drove Renner’s double agent arc. Even after returning to Marley, Reiner lived in grief over the atrocities he committed in Paradise as a warrior candidate.

hawksFalcons in My Hero Academy
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Similar to spy characters like Lloyd Forger, Hawks has never been a villain or a traitor. but, My hero academy It took less than half an episode to trick the audience into believing he was a rogue.

Instead, Hawkes was a spy against the League of Villains while pretending to be their spy against the Hero. “Agent Triple” characters like the Hawks are a fun twist that takes the audience on tour. The arc made an already lovable hero a top fan favorite and helped establish Hawks as a huge player on the show going forward.

ItachiItachi Uchiha is standing in front of the water in Naruto

Itachi Uchiha was one of the most loved ones Naruto Characters in the entire franchise, and for good reason. After slaughtering his entire clan and hating his village and brother, it is later revealed that Itachi was following the Hokage’s orders.

Following orders alone will not make Itachi a sympathetic villain. However, it was the deal he struck that truly made Itachi one of the greatest double agents of all time. If he ends all Uchiha lives, he is allowed to keep his younger brother Sasuke alive. Unfortunately, Itachi’s secret nearly led to the demise of the village he once called his home.

TrapThe jinn with his eyes closed in bleach.

While Aizen seemed almost unbeatable with his formidable strength, hollowed-out army, and semi-mighty Hogyoku, his right arm Ichimaru Gin was the only person who had outdone Aizen.

Jin’s recent betrayal showed that he was a Triple Agent who betrayed the Soul Society just so he could get access to Aizen. With Gin’s Bankai, he almost became one of the first non-heroes in the anime to successfully save the situation. Alas, not even Jin’s perfect plan was able to defeat the silly powers of Hogyoko, and put an end to one of the best double agent arcs ever.


the hero of the story 91 days Proves why the mafia show is among the best in its genre. By teaming up with his friend and moonshine maker Curtio, Avilio infiltrates the Prohibition-era mafia family that murdered his parents.

What makes Avello’s time under the Vanity family so tragic is not just what the Vanity family did to his family; It is the fraternity that forms between Avileo and Nero Vanity. Eventually, Nero began to consider Avileo his best friend. Making the main character a double agent is difficult, but making their betrayal to the opponent heartbreaking is what makes 91 days Special.

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