One Piece: What the Egghead Arc’s Key Matchups Could Look Like

What would the main matches in Egghead Arc look like?

One piece Egghead Arc looks like it will be secondary compared to some of the past few arcs like Wano or Dressrosa. It is a small island whose only known inhabitants are Dr. Vejapunk and their robots. In addition, since it is an island owned by the World Government, it is possible that Luffy will not have many friends or have to free it. However, the fact that it is exclusively in enemy territory should mean that there will be a lot of fighting inside.

Chapter 1062, “An Adventure in the Land of Science,” appears to have set up all of the main arc fighters. Before, it was just one world. Now, it looks like there are at least enough enemies to give each of the Straw Hat Pirates a one-on-one match. As for who will fight whom, this is still open to speculation.

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Who are the known fighters?

Of course, Luffy’s team includes him and the rest of the Straw Hats: Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Nico Robin, Franky, Brook and the recently recruited Jimbey. This will give his team a total of 10 fighters. Counting Bonnie’s jewelry, his current ally, that number rises to 11.

As for Dr. Vijaponk, they have a disingenuous number of allies. They are technically just one person, but they divided their consciousness among seven bodies; Six “Satellite” androids and their original “Stella” body. To defeat Vegapunk, all of these corpses must be taken down at once.

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Meanwhile, Cipher Pol Aigis Zero also joins the fray. Apparently, Rob Lucci, Kaku and Stussy will go to Egghead to assassinate Vegapunk. If other known members of the Communist Party 0 reach the island, that could bring their team total to at least 13. They might also bring in Bartholomew Kuma-style Pacifista Seraphim which will bring their total forces to 14. Only the members shown in Chapter 1062, should only number around three or four.

The next fight should be classic Milli a Troy Among the Straw Hats, CP0, and Vegapunk. The fact that CP0 intends to assassinate Vegapunk may mean that the Straw Hats will end up allying with one of these parties; It depends on whether they can gain something from keeping Vegapunk alive. Alternatively, CP0 and Vegapunk can team up against the Straw Hats, after which the former will fire their shot at the latter. In a possible worst-case scenario, the Straw Hats will have to fight CP0 And the They answer you.

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Who will fight who?

Given the number of known enemies, there should be enough opponents to keep both the Straw Hats and Bonney busy. Assuming the three CP0 members and the seraphim are the only ones to go, their forces should total four. If the seven Vegapunk corpses inadvertently team up with the would-be assassins, that would bring their team’s total to 11. Thus, the fight would be an 11v11 match.

The Straw Hats who have no personal interest in this fight will likely be split between the Vegapunk Moons. Assuming their numbering is an ordinal order system, this could mean that Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, and Brook would deal Punks 06 to 05; As for exactly who is going to fight whom, that’s still up in the air. This will basically be Toby Robo’s Battle of the Egghead arc.

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If satellites are the Toby Robo of this Sagittarius, then CP0 can be considered an all-star. This would make them perfect opponents to Zoro, Sanji, and Jimbei. A rematch between Zoro and Kaku and Luffy and Lucci, while interesting, may come off as repetitive, so it likely won’t happen again in earnest. Assuming Zoro will not fight Kaku again and Sanji cannot fight Stusi, the rivalry might look like this: Zoro vs. Lucci, Sanji vs. Kaku, and Jimbei vs. Stusi.

Frankie owns an unusual stake in this arc. He adores Vegapunk and wants to know more about their technology. With this in mind, he could either take on Punk 01 or the main body, possibly both.

Who will fight Luffy and Bonnie?

Luffy is in the opposite boat as Frankie, which makes the potential contradictions between them similar. On the one hand, he has no personal interest in fighting Vegapunk, so he could end up fighting Punk 01. However, since he is the main character, he will most likely end up in a confrontation with Vegapunk.

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Bonney is on Egghead precisely because she has beef with Vegapunk, but she has another potentially meaningful match. It is revealed in Chapter 1062 that Kuma is her father, so she may end up in a battle with the seraphim. This would be a perfect opportunity to expand on her character and show how she can handle herself in a fight. If she has the power left, she might join Franky and Luffy in a fight against the surprisingly formidable Vegapunk.

No matter how long or short the Egghead arc is, it promises to be action-packed. This was a straightforward examination of the facts presented, but alignments, alignments, and even conclusion can all change as the arc progresses. Whatever things are going on, the Straw Hats have clearly had their work cut out for them.