The Five Elders Bow To Imu in One Piece

Will the Navy ever stand against the World Government?

The following contains spoilers for chapter 1060 of the One Piece manga by Eiichiro Oda, available in English from Viz Media.

The World Government has unleashed a power beyond anything else seen in piece The universe is completely destroying an island and wiping it off the map. While there were rebel factions controlling the kingdom of Lulusia, it is likely that a large number of civilians and peaceful people were caught up in the conflict and killed without a second thought. This isn’t the first time the World Government has committed an act against what it considers a threat, as Buster Call has been used multiple times to wipe out the islands. The difference is in the size of the superweapon, the chance of civilians to escape or evacuate and the perceived threat of being destroyed. Of course, the World Government is an expert at storytelling.

Im, the king of the vacant throne, single-handedly chose the fate of the kingdom of Lulusia and may have taken many lives. There are two factors that could call into question the loyalty of the Navy: the superweapon and the presence of M. Should these two factors become public knowledge, or even knowledge among the majority of Marines, are there any factions within the Navy or particular personalities that would bounce backā€”or perhaps forces already within the Navy that are turning the cogs of revolution?

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Who in the Navy can run the World Government?

The first group that immediately comes to mind is the organization within the Navy known as SWORD. There are a few well-known members – mainly Koby, Helmeppo, and X Drake, as well as the recently revealed Prince Gross and Hibari. While they were observing Yonko’s movements, it seemed that some of the characters within the group were unknown even to the top officials in the Navy. However, this group is likely to have at least one high-ranking official who supports its endeavors and funds its missions. Presumably, Kuzan still heads the group and is disguised as Blackbeard’s crew. True or not, it is unlikely that the characters’ personalities within SWORD would consider Im’s presence and actions to be acceptable.

The only admiral who could abuse this power is Fujitora. The blind admiral despised the warlord’s system and was comfortable crushing a pirate if he had to, but an extension to wipe out an entire island for the “common good” would be a step too far. Fujitora has shown that he has a good heart, respect for his enemies, and a broader understanding of what really compares to justice with Sakazuki. Their strained relationship and conflict will only grow if Sakazuki praises the use of M’s superweapon, while Fujitora will see the act as unbearable. His belief in human justice would have no place in the world government structure for collateral damage.

Vice Admiral Smoker, a mainstay of the series since Logue Town, and Captain Tashigi are two other members of the Navy who had manners, a broader understanding of what was right and what was wrong and unlikely members of the superweapon destroying the island. A smoker introduced near the beginning of the series may have considered the act necessary, and might try to justify it to himself, but a man who was influenced by Luffy’s influence would never have stood up for such an act. Similarly, Monkey D. may be the world and destroy the islands at will.

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How can it affect the end of the series

Should any of the above-discussed possibilities occur, he would most likely secure an increase in the ranks of the Revolutionary Army, even incorporating members of the Navy who had moved away from the system of massacres they had become. By making SWORD members, as well as individuals like Smoker, Garp, Fujitora, and others, either turn to the side of the Rebels, the Pirates, or even their own faction, the power of the Navy will collapse. In doing so, the World Government will be in danger and may consider using its superweapon even more to crush any opposition worldwide. The war will be the greatest and most brutal battle in the world piece.

There are certain characters within the Marines who likely wouldn’t have negative thoughts toward using or even supporting such power, such as Sakazuki, Ryokugyu and possibly a number of Vice Admirals. However, the division between those who follow absolute justice and those who believe in another, more reasonable justice is growing within the ranks of the Navy. When two opposing beliefs are forced to work side by side, they can either compromise and merge or create further division. If the truth is revealed, it is safe to assume that the already fractured navy will split in two.