A former WWE personnel may be heading to AEW soon!

Wrestling fans are on frenzy after rumors of a former RAW commentator’s imminent appearance in AEW

Former WWE RAW commentator Renee Paquette’s debut in AEW has caused anger among wrestling fans on Twitter.

Paquette, better known as Renee Young during her time with WWE, has played several behind-the-scenes roles in the company. She started out as a backstage anchor but eventually moved on to become a RAW commentator and host WWE behind the scenes on FS1.

A recent report from Dave Meltzer claimed that WWE contacted Paquette amid a slew of returns organized by Triple H. However, it appears that she turned down the offer.

The report also states that WWE members believe Renee Paquette will be heading to AEW soon. This would make sense, given that her husband, Jon Moxley, is part of the promotion and has signed a long-term deal with All Elite Wrestling. Furthermore, her microphone prowess could prove to be an asset to the company.

These reports come on the heels of Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE. In response to Paquette’s possible move to All Elite Wrestling, some fans have argued that it wouldn’t make a difference as White was back on his former pitches. The potential move also sparked some other intense reactions from fans.

You can check out some of the feedback below:

Tweet embed Never mind, WWE has Bray Wyatt again. All AEW fans are crying right now

It remains to be seen if the rumors will become true in the near future.

Reports indicate that Renee Paquette will debut this week on AEW Dynamite

As rumors circulate that the former WWE announcer has joined All Elite Wrestling, a new report suggests fans may see her appear on this week’s episode of Dynamite.

All Elite Wrestling heads to Canada this month, with a huge number of fans enthusiastic about the prospect. According to SEScoops, Renee Paquette will likely make her debut there. It should also be noted that Toronto is the birthplace of Rene, which guarantees a warm reception.

Beckett joined WWE in 2012 as a co-host of the Survivor Series premiere. She then moved to NXT as a backstage interviewer before moving to SmackDown in March 2013. She became the first woman to call in for a full episode of RAW in 2018 when she co-hosted Jonathan Coachman. She later joined the commentary team full time before leaving the company after SummerSlam 2020.

Do you think Renee Paquette would be an asset to AEW if she joined? Drop by in the comments below!

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